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At two height units, we have housed the preamp section of our legendary Special Edition head here. Each of the four channels (Clean, Crunch, Lead 1, Lead 2) can be operated in Classic and Modern mode, in addition there are two different gain structures per channel, making a total of 16 sounds! With Contour, Bright, Ultra Bright, Mid Edge and Mega Low Punch, you have more sound-shaping tools at your fingertips to make every sound imaginable. The spectrum ranges from crystal clear clean sounds, authentic blues crunch to classic rock and modern metal thunderstorms. As befits a neat rack preamp, the outputs and the effect loop are stereo-based, and you can store all your sound creations in 128 MIDI slots - the golden era of the racks sends their regards! Get ready for Rack’n’Roll!

  • 4 Channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead I, Lead II
  • All Tube Rack Preamp
  • 2 HE
  • Preamp Defeat
  • Noise Gate with Threshold and Depth Mute control
  • Grund Lift switch
  • Stereo Frequency Compensated Line Out (XLR, balanced) with Ground Lift switch
  • Stereo Frequency Compensated Line Out (TRS, unbalanced)
  • Level Control for Stereo Frequency Compensated Line Out
  • Stereo Line Out (uncompensated) with -20/0 dB switch
  • Stereo Serial FX Loop
  • MIDI: MIDI in / MIDI thru
  • Engl MIDI-Footcontroller Phantom Power Switch
  • MIDI Channel Assignment and Controller Enable Switches
  • Write / Copy (for MIDI programming)
  • all functions accessible on the front panel are MIDI programmable
  • S.A.C.: Serial Amp Control
Sound Options
  • Gain Boost
  • Hi Gain
  • Normal Bright
  • Ultra Bright
  • Hi Gain
  • Contour
  • Mid Edge
  • Depth Boost
  • Mega Lo Punch
  • Modern/Classic
  • Gain (for each Channel)
  • 3-Band EQ shared with separate Treble controls for Clean and Crunch
  • 3-Band EQ shared with separate Treble controls for Lead I and Lead II
  • Volume (for each Channel)
  • Master Volume
  • Noise Gate Mute Depth
  • Noise Gate Threshold Level
  • Frequency Compensated Line Out control
  • Z4 (Channels)
  • Z9 (Channels, Modern/Classic, Preamp Defeat, Gain Boost, Hi Gain, Normal Bright, Contour, Noise Gate, Mega Lo Punch, Ultra Bright, Mid Edge, FX Loop)
  • Z12
  • Z15
Preamp Tubes
  • 4 x Engl ECC83 / 12AX7
Dimensions 19" 2HE
Weight 8 kg