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Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Luke III - Classic Black Sparkle G87149


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Steve Lukather’s BFR Signature Axe

Built to studio legend Steve Lukather’s stringent specifications, the Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Luke III features a sleekly sculpted okoume body that fits you like a glove, while the super-stable roasted maple Luke 3 neck and fingerboard facilitate the flawless execution of high-speed technical maneuvers. This exacting level of precision makes playing less demanding parts effortless. Add a pair of custom-wound humbuckers and a custom Music Man active preamp, and you’ve got the recipe for immense tone and prodigious sustain that will ace any live gig or studio session.  the Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Luke III is a high-performance instrument that will take your playing to new heights. It’s a limited edition of just 75 instruments worldwide, so our advice is to reserve yours while you can!

A Ball Family Reserve instrument

A Ball Family Reserve instrument that celebrates Music Man’s heritage in guitar craftsmanship with some of the finest figured tonewoods and finishes available, the BFR Luke III is a supreme expression of the luthier’s art. It’s a superbly balanced instrument, and thanks to its sculpted okoume body and roasted maple neck, it’s supremely comfortable and lightweight — perfect for stage performances with endless encores! This axe gives you the ultimate in playability, while its duo of custom-wound humbuckers and custom Music Man active preamp serve up a massive tone arsenal suitable for any live or studio scenario.

Roasted maple neck and fingerboard for enhanced stability

Ernie Ball Music Man uses a proprietary torrefaction (roasting) procedure on the gloriously figured flame maple neck and fingerboard of this BFR Luke III. The process removes almost all the moisture from the wood and collapses the cell walls, which makes the guitar much more insensitive to humidity and climatic changes, while optimizing resonance, sustain, and overall tone. If you gig far and wide, you’ll appreciate this the next time you play Phoenix after a week in Miami! (But if you ever do need to perform a neck adjustment, Music Man’s unique adjustment wheel makes it fast and painless.) As roasting removes moisture, it also removes weight, so you can play marathon sets without next-day visits to your chiropractor. And your fretting hand will savor the feel of this neck’s proprietary gunstock oil and hand-rubbed wax blend finish.

Floyd Rose vibrato and Schaller tuners for perfect pitch

With the Music Man Floyd Rose vibrato on the Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Luke III, you’ll quickly get in tune and stay there. The Floyd Rose vibrato bridge is the industry standard for pitch expression with rock-solid tuning stability, and this is the first time it’s been offered on the venerable Luke III model. Combined with a locking nut and premium, made-in-Germany Schaller M6LS tuners, string changing and tuning to pitch is quick and easy. With your Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Luke III, you can take the stage with confidence, knowing that your tuning will be reliable, without slippage, no matter how hard you play.

Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Luke III Electric Guitar Features:

  • Limited edition of just 75 instruments worldwide
  • World-class Ball Family Reserve quality tonewoods, parts, and construction
  • Okoume body, roasted flame maple neck and fingerboard
  • Gunstock oil and hand-rubbed special wax blend neck finish
  • Music Man Floyd Rose Tremolo vibrato bridge
  • 22 nickel frets; locking nut; Schaller M6LA tuners
  • 2 custom-wound Music Man alnico humbuckers
  • Custom Music Man active preamp
  • Master Volume control (push/push for gain boost)
  • 1 500kohm passive master Tone control
  • 5-way pickup/coil selector switch
  • Easy-access truss rod adjustment wheel
  • Handcrafted in San Luis Obispo, California
  • Hardshell case included

Manufacturer Part Number:910-24-EB-00-CS-B1