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Ernie Ball Music Man BFR John Petrucci JP15 - Natural Rosewood F98563


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John Petrucci’s BFR Signature Model

Dream Theater’s John Petrucci has reigned as one of the most accomplished guitarists in progressive metal for more than three decades. Just as his incendiary playing has continued to inspire legions of players, he’s continued to refine the designs of his signature models. Another A-list endeavor of his tonal pursuit, the BFR JP15 features a lightweight and comfortably contoured okoume body along with a striking rosewood top. Next comes a rosewood neck and fingerboard, which Ernie Ball Music Man shapes with undeniable expertise. Plugged in, a pair of DiMarzio Illuminator pickups with a piezo system in the bridge deliver all of the brutality and shimmer needed to cover a spectrum of tone. As a bonus, John Petrucci hand-signed each BFR JP15, and each comes with its own numbered certificate of authenticity. Only 89 of these BFR JP15s are being made available worldwide — 

Top-notch tonewoods

The BFR JP15’s premium tonewoods were selected for their tone, resonance, and visual appeal. The guitar features an ultra-resonant okoume body topped with a thin ply of maple for extra snap. The top is made from solid rosewood for a deep tone with a sparkling high end; the body is bolted to a solid rosewood neck and fingerboard. As your fingers dance up and down the thin, playable carve, the sculpted heel gives you unfettered access to the upper frets. With premium materials like this, there’s very little wonder why players gravitate to the BFR JP15.

Illuminator pickups with piezo bridge

The Ernie Ball Music Man BFR JP15 is equipped with a pair of DiMarzio humbucking pickups and a piezo bridge. Built to John Petrucci’s exacting standards, the remarkably versatile Illuminators span a multitude of different tones. Sizzling highs, tight lows, and an incredibly open midrange avoid any trace of harshness or mud, imbuing your solos with a bold presence. The real magic happens when the DiMarzios are combined with the onboard piezo system. Controlled with separate 3-way switches, both pickup systems have separate outputs that you can use separately or combine for even more sounds. Whether digging in for Petrucci’s signature high-gain grind or opening up to lush acoustic sounds, the Music Man BFR JP15 has it all.

BFR: the best of the best

A Ball Family Reserve (BFR) instrument celebrates Ernie Ball Music Man’s heritage in guitar craftsmanship. For years, instruments bearing the BFR moniker were reserved for Ernie Ball artists and select Ernie Ball Family members. Recently, Music Man has offered limited runs of BFR instruments to the public. The BFR JP15 is one of those instruments. Made by Music Man’s most accomplished craftspersons from the highest-grade tonewoods and excellent electronics, the BFR JP15 will provide you with a playing experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Ernie Ball Music Man BFR JP15 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Limited edition BFR John Petrucci signature model — 1 of 89!
  • Okoume body delivers impressive resonance
  • Rosewood top adds depth and major visual appeal
  • DiMarzio Illuminator pickups offer a diverse tonal palette
  • Piezo tremolo bridge enables acoustic tones and expressive playing
  • Rosewood neck and fingerboard feel sleek and fast under your fingers
  • Contoured body ensures hours of comfortable playing
  • Locking tuners improve tuning stability and speed up string changes