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Current Openings

Passion, confidence, creativity, and your authentic self. This is our sound for success. Bring us these qualities and take your career to new heights. We are seeking talented individuals to join our growing team. Working with any of our brands offers a challenging and rewarding experience.

You'll be part of a team of dedicated professionals applying your vision and talent to the shared goal of helping to fill the world with music.


Attention Guitar Repair Techs!
Hiendguitar has an immediate opening for an experienced Guitar Repair Technician in our Plaza Semanggi location.
Applicants should have relevant experience in guitar repair, and set-up with both acoustic and electric instruments.

Should be skilled in: Basic set-up work, intonation, neck adjustment, including locking tremolo system set ups and repairs.
Pickup installation and guitar electronics work (passive and active systems).
Fret work including, re-fretting, crowning and leveling.
Basic Acoustic repairs, and guitar nut and bridge making.

The ideal candidate will have the skills and experience, combined with strong communication skills and the ability to manage multiple projects efficiently.


video department is growing at a rapid pace. We're seeking an experienced, self-starter to join our team of videographers and editors.

The ideal candidate should have experience on commercial and creative productions, familiarity with shooting on DSLR cameras, studio environments, audio and sound recording and be proficient editing in Adobe Premiere. Major bonus points for experience in Adobe After Effects and a love of music or audio gear. All applicants are expected to submit a demo reel or samples of their work.

As a member of the video team, you'll help shoot product videos, demos, interviews, special events, branding videos and other projects as needed in a fast paced environment. You'll often be responsible for lighting, sound, camera operation, editing and post production either as an individual or part of a team.
Minimum Skills & Requirements
• Adobe Premiere Pro experience
• Reel and samples of existing work (links to YouTube or Vimeo are welcome)
• Relevant degree or equivalent of real world experience (film school, film and video work, ad agencies)
• Passion for visual storytelling and marketing
• Ability to handle multiple assignments and shoots
• Ability to turn around an entire shoot - from filming to post-production and revisions in a timely manner
• Eagerness to work with our team of videographers, Video Manager and Creative Director

Web Software Engineer (PHP/MySQL)

We'll go ahead and assume that since you're reading this, your experience is not as a dog catcher or pearl diver. You're a web programmer, but not just any web programmer. You write irresistible code from scratch, because pre-built WordPress templates are for noobs. You know once you start typing, you're going to deliver the kind of customer experience that customers want to...well...experience.

Sound a lot like you? Then get in here! we are looking for an experienced web programmer to become a part of our internet retail juggernaut. You will join an amazing team of developers just like you (not just like you, that would be confusing -- and creepy) using state-of-the-art tools and technology to develop the custom codebase for You will also help us handle cool, challenging projects such as leveraging big data to personalize the shopping experience, driving behavioral marketing, enhancing site performance, and increasing security. We work as a team to give every customer an amazing experience, through innovative web applications and industry revolutionizing ideas.

Minimum Skills & Requirements

  • Must be able to build full-scale web applications in PHP from the ground up
  • Experience with relational database design and optimization techniques using MySQL (or similar RDBMS)
  • Understanding of web stack concepts such as HTTP, cookies, headers, profiling, and caching
  • Understanding of core implementation concepts such as algorithms, data structures, performance, security, and object-oriented programming
  • Understanding of modern design patterns such as MVC, IoC, and DI
  • A passion for solving problems and attention to detail

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with back-end frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, and Slim
  • Familiarity with PHP standard recommendations (PSR)
  • Experience with JavaScript (including Node and modern frameworks like Vue and React)
  • Experience with version control systems such as git
  • Understanding of Linux/Apache