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NEW FOR 2021 !!!!



PRS SE Acoustics apply what we have learned from history and from our Private Stock acoustic instruments to a comprehensive selection of body shapes, wood pairings, and bracing styles. We have taken great care in these designs to ensure you are getting quality products with unique voices and PRS benchmark playability and quality.

PRS SE Acoustics feature a Fishman GT1 electronic system, featuring an undersaddle pickup and soundhole mounted preamp with easy-to-access volume and tone controls. This syste, delivers dynamic, organic tone that allows players to go from rehearsal to the stage with ease.

The bracing pattern of an acoustic also contributes to its voices. PRS SE acoustics come with either traditional "X"bracing or PRS's hybrid "X"/Classical bracing. Traditional "X"bracing allows the top to vibrate while providing a stability that gives these instruments their signature punch. PRS hybrid bracing features the traditional "X" at the soundhole with classical fan bracing accross the belly. This allows the top to vibrate more freely for a rounder, more projecting tone. The back bracing on both body shapes is designed to "lock down" the back and sides to promote the instrument's projection through the top, giving the instruments a unique tonal quality.

Everything on the instrument that touches the strings has the ability to detract from the strings'vibration. PRS carefully speced these parts to promote sustain and response as much as possible. All PRS SE acoustics feature bone nuts and saddles for this reason.