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Caparison Angelus M3B Black

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If ever there was a true modern classic! The Angelus M3B returns with new fretboard markings and a new contemporary colour option. The Angelus excels at every musical styling thrown at it, from blues to the lowest drop-tuned extreme metal. The familiar shaping and the sensual carve top add to the allure of this elegant design, with a perfect blend of tone woods and pickups providing a truly consummate instrument.

The sustain given by the M3 body structure is accented by the Maple arched top which adds a crispness to the high end. Fitted with original Caparison "PH-F"/"PH-R" Pickups to give the guitar a powerful and focused sound. The through body stringing / Tailpiece construction has been carefully positioned to maximise the tension and stability of the guitar.

The M3B composite tonewood body construction.

The Caparison M3B construction consists of a central Maple section sandwiched between two Mahogany sides with a two piece Maple top. This composite tonewood construction results in a slight increase in weight over our traditional Angelus body. To compensate the overall body depth has been reduced by 3mm. The M3B body construction is designed to give maximum sustain.
Caparison M3B Body Construction

The Schaller Model M, 5 way MegaSwitch gives the guitar a versatile array of pickup switching options.
Caparison Angelus-M3B Switching Options