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Caparison Brocken FX-WM


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With a forward-thinking, functional approach to design, Caparison’s Brocken FX-WM open’s the guitar playing experience to a whole new world of possibilities. It’s streamlined, effective and deceivingly simple specification employs a long, slender neck scale that increases the realm of tuning capabilities. The 27 inch, beautiful 5-piece maple/walnut neck, offers up a security for its extensive size – taking into consideration down tuning all the way to the key of A. In addition, two titanium rods were built into the neck, eliminating any chance of warping and increasing the guitar’s strength, stability and performance.

To further enhance the Brocken FX-WM’s playability, the Caparison designed (and Gotoh created) Fixed Bridge, employs a large movable range for the saddle that corresponds to a wide selection of string gauges and tunings. This is complimented with a saddle lock function to prevent any unwanted resonance due to string vibration and a Gotoh lock tuner attached to the machine head to stabilise the tuning capabilities. The nut width is set to 42mm, it has a beautiful ebony fretboard and classic Caparison neck grip, so this behemoth has a remarkable balance in its tone and with along with it’s Matt finish is a joy to witness and play.

The Brocken Body is a Walnut/Mahogany (“WM”) structure, Walnut on the top and Mahogany on the back. The Walnut top, gives the Brocken a wide tonal range, from the richest bass to the clearest treble, whilst the Mahogany back sustains and maintains the impressive clarity and definition this guitar delivers. As the neck increases, inevitably, so does the guitar’s weight – this is stabilized and perfectly balanced by setting the thickness of the Brocken’s beautiful body to 40mm.

The Brocken FX-WM comes armed with the gorgeous tone of high output Caparison PH-R/PH-F humbucker pickups, defining and delivering the huge tonal range of this instrument. Consistently, Caparison offers amazing functionality to their masterful designs and The Brocken is no exception. With a simple 5-way selector switch and control over the master volume, a huge range of sounds can be produced by combining pickups using the Schaller mega switch. Add perfect access to all 27 frets and Caparison’s impeccable playing comfort and witness how a spectacular extended range guitar is made.


Model Name: Brocken FX-WM
Body Shape: Brocken
Body Top: Walnut
Body Back: Mahogany
Bridge: Caparison Fixed Bridge 6
Head Top: Pro. Black
Neck Finish: Oiled
Body Finish: Charcoal Black Matt,
Natural Matt
Hardware: Hipshot Black,
Gotoh Cosmo Black


Neck Joint: Bolt-On
Neck Material: Maple / Walnut 5-piece with
Twin Titanuim Support Rods
Neck Grip: Caparison
Fingerboard: Ebony with White Binding
Radius: 350mmR to 400mmR
Scale Length: 685.8mm (27″)
Nut Width: 42mm
No. of Frets: 27
Fret Type: Jumbo, Nickel Silver
Depth, 1st Fret Approx. 21.0mm
Depth, 12th Fret Approx. 22.0mm
Nut: Graph Tech Black TUSQ
Position Inlay: None
Headstock: Devil’s Tail, Brocken Logo
Head Angle: 15 Degrees
Tuners: Gotoh SG381-07 MG-T
Tuning: 1A, 2E, 3C, 4G, 5D, 6A
Strings: RotoSound .013/.017/


Neck Pickup: Caparison PH-F
Bridge Pickup: Caparison PH-R
Controls: CTS Master Volume,
Schaller 5-Way Mega Switch
Case: Fitted Hard Case