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Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature - Natural Birds Eye Maple

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There's Nothing this Guitar Can't Do

Guthrie Govan is a consummate virtuoso. Two years in the making, Guthrie's Charvel signature guitar gives you an instrument with amazing features and high-performance appointments, in an instrument that exudes class. The Govan Signature's lovely San Dimas basswood body with birdseye-maple top is outfitted with features customized for Mr. Govan, that let you to express your own artistic vision to the farthest reaches of your technique. And the HSH pickup configuration delivers you the immense range of tones he's known for. The Guthrie Govan Signature Charvel is for the real player in you.

Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:
  • Plays like butter - and so easy on the eyes!
  • Charvel Custom pickups deliver an immense range of tone
  • Take-no-prisoners tone and performance
Plays like butter - and so easy on the eyes!

Guthrie Govan's Charvel signature guitar is a delight for the senses. It looks incredible, plays like butter, and can sound just like Guthrie. The lightweight basswood body sports a gorgeous birdseye-maple top, with a thin clear matte finish and a specially contoured heel without a neck plate to impede your high fretting. The bolt-on quartersawn flame-maple neck is put through Charvel's caramelizing process to make it feel and sound much better. And the 24-fret compound-radius fingerboard is an absolute love affair to play.

Charvel Custom pickups deliver an immense range of tone

Among Hiendguitar electric guitarists, the HSH pickup configuration is quite popular for the tonal dexterity it affords. On the Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature, three Charvel Custom MFB pickups - two humbuckers flanking a single-coil - plus five-way switching give you the same expansive tonal range and dynamic sensitivity that Mr. Govan demands. Two notched control knobs (master volume, master tone) with brass position markers are set into the body within easy reach of your pinky.

Take-no-prisoners tone and performance

Guthrie Govan's Signature guitar rocks classic Charvel hot-rod style, born in Southern California more than three decades ago - which is probably why Guthrie selected the company to work with him on the design of this no-compromise high-performance axe. Start with a classic, uber-comfy body style, add an alarmingly fast neck with impeccable fretwork, rolled fingerboard edges, scorching pickups, a rock-solid whammy bridge, and killer looks, and you get an amazing instrument from top to bottom. Take it from us guitar aficionados here at Hiendguitar: get your hands on the Guthrie Govan Signature, and you won't let go.

Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
  • Basswood San Dimas body with birdseye-maple top
  • Quartersawn "caramelized" flame-maple neck
  • Compound-radius (12-16) flame-maple fingerboard
  • 24 extra-jumbo stainless steel frets
  • Charvel Custom MFB Hum-Sing-Hum pickup configuration
  • Special maple dot inlays with ebony borders
  • Charvel locking tremolo bridge
  • Neck heel-mounted spoke-wheel truss rod adjustment
  • Contoured neck heel for better high-fret access
  • Hardshell case included
Play what a virtuoso plays, with the Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature guitar!