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ESP E-II HORIZON NT-7B HIPSHOT Fishman Snow White ES2404173

Sale priceRp28,000,000.00

The ESP E-II Horizon NT-7B Hipshot, Snow White is designed for low tunings and technical players, featuring 7-strings and a baritone scale length to provide an incredibly wide sonic range. While the addition of a 7th string provides players with extra tonal possibilities, its 27'' scale length allows players to down tune to extreme levels without losing any tonal integrity. Its set of EMG pickups are designed for 7-string guitars, offering a wide sonic palette while removing muddy B strings for the ultimate playing experience. The Hipshot bridge provides incredible string stability and intonation, while its string-through-body construction improves the transfer of string vibration for an enhanced sustain. The E-II's alder body and maple neck provides a beautifully balanced and bright tone, delivering sizzling, searing highs, rounded lows, and strong, beefy mids. The smooth ebony fingerboard and thin-U neck profile offers players an incredibly comfortable performance, and enhances the overall tone with a defined feel. Built in Japan and delivered with an ESP hardshell case, the E-II Horizon NT-7B Guitar offers a range of world-class features for players to take advantage of.

Solid Alder Body

Alder is favoured by most players for its incredibly balanced tone, offering the perfect dynamic range suitable for most musical styles. The alder body is perfect for a variety of playing styles, as its excellent sustain and resonance ensures each note is heard. Its bright, sizzling highs, rounded lows, and beefy midrange sets up the foundation of the guitar's overall tonality, allowing players to achieve the perfect sounds for most situations. The body also features a contoured design, allowing the guitar to hug the player and deliver an incredibly comfortable performance.

Maple Neck-Through Construction

The E-II Horizon features a 3-piece maple neck to produce beautifully bright tones, with searing highs and strong mids for a dynamic performance. Its thin U-shaped profile is perfect for speed demons, allowing players to easily reach across the entire fingerboard without losing any comfort. The addition of an ebony fingerboard helps to tighten up the neck’s tone, giving it a defined feel, excellent clarity, and a fast attack. The neck-through construction optimises the maximum contact between the neck and body joint, enhancing the guitar's resonance for an advanced sustain. This setup allows superior vibration transfer and sustainability, perfect for when you need notes to ring out for as long as possible.

EMG 81-7/707 Humbuckers

The ESP Electric Guitar features an EMG 707 and EMG 81-7 humbucker to offer versatile tones. The EMG 707 humbucker has been one of the leading pickups for 7 string guitars since its debut in 2001, delivering a tight tone with an excellent response and incredible articulations. The 707 eliminates muddy B strings and beefs up the tone to articulate the upper registration and maintain balance. The EGM 81-7 humbucker has powerful magnets and close aperture coils to deliver a tone designed with detailed intensity. The pickup offers an extreme high end cut with a fluid sustain to slice through the harshest mix, and pushes the power on all 7 strings to provide an incredible sound for soloing with.

String-Through-Body Hipshot Bridge

The Hipshot bridge provides players with an incredible intonation, allowing each string to vibrate freely while remaining secure. Its hand polished construction ensures players receive a smooth, comfortable feel while playing, and the stainless-steel saddles feature a crisp string relief edge to help eliminate any dull tones. The string-through-body construction optimises the transfer of vibrations from the strings to the body, improving the ESP’s overall sustain and resonance.

High-End Hardware

The guitar is finished off with a range of high-end components to ensure players receive the best playing experience possible. The Gotoh locking tuners improve tuning stability and reduces string slippage, while the Schaller straplocks protect against accidental strap release, ensuring players can deliver a powerful performance without worrying about dropping their guitar.

Baritone Scale Length

Featuring a 27-inch scale length as appose to traditional 24.75, 25, and 25.5 inch scale lengths, the Horizon NT-7B provides players with baritone capabilities ideal for a range of technical playing styles. Due to the longer scale length, the ESP accommodates a range of low tunings such as standard tuning (F#,B,E,A,D,G,B,E), or fourth tuning (F#,B,E,A,D,G,C,F) particularly favourable with heavy metal players requiring a low and deep tone.

About ESP Guitars

ESP is a Japanese guitar manufacturer, established in 1975 under the name Electric Sound Products, primarily focused on the production of electric guitars and basses. Their product range will suit a wide variety of budgets and playing styles, with their popular Signature, Standard, Original, Graphic, Xtone, and Left-Handed series' guitars. The company has a growing number of high profile artists who have designed their own signature instruments, such as Ron Wood, Kirk Hammett, Jeff Hanneman and many more.


Body & Bridge

  • Body: Alder
  • Construction: Neck-Through
  • Bridge: Hipshot w/String-Through
  • Finish: Snow White

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck: 3-Piece Maple
  • Profile: Thin U
  • Scale Length: 27'' Baritone
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Radius: 12’’
  • Frets: 24 Extra Jumbo
  • Inlays: Offset Pearloid Blocks
  • Nut: Bone
  • Nut Width: 48mm

Electronics & Hardware

  • Bridge Pickup: EMG 81-7 (Ceramic/Active)
  • Neck Pickup: EMG 707 (Alnico V/Active)
  • Controls: Volume, Tone, 3-Way Toggle Switch
  • Tuners: Gotoh Locking
  • Strap Buttons: Schaller Straplock
  • Hardware: Black
  • Case Included: ESP Hardshell