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Fender Acoustasonic telecaster Sunburst

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Tele Style. Hybrid Tech.

The beloved Tele design sees a radical 21st-century upgrade in the Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster. From stem to stern, this hybrid is built for today’s demanding stage and session players. Its thin and resonant SIRS mini-soundhole spruce/mahogany body joins an American Professional-profile mahogany Tele neck for the best in acoustic tone and electric playability. A comfortable forearm contour and classic Spaghetti Tele headstock are sure to make any Tele lover smile.

Dual pickups offer 10 voicings

Fender and Fishman have teamed up to equip the Acoustasonic Tele for virtually any gigging application. Whether you’re driving an amp onstage or running direct into a PA, this Tele is primed for syrupy sweet fingerstyle sugar to classic Texas twang. The secret is a marriage of magnetic and undersaddle pickups driven by powerful behind-the-scenes DSP. Seven onboard acoustic profiles (parlor to dreadnought), two Tele voicings (clean and crunch), and a blend stage inbetween give this hybrid the best of two worlds, for folksy solo sets to full-band rock settings.

Onboard battery = the end of 9Vs

There’s no humiliation worse than having your guitar die mid-set because you forgot to change your battery before the gig. Unlike traditional 9V systems, the Acoustasonic Telecaster helps ensure you never miss a moment onstage. An onboard lithium-ion battery, rechargeable over USB via the output jack plate, affords up to 20 hours of continuous use. There are no parts to remove or strings to detune. The Acoustasonic Tele even supports simultaneous play and charge — so if you’ve got a charging brick or mobile battery backup, the Acoustasonic Tele promises days of uninterrupted playtime.