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Fender Made in Japan Traditional '60s Jazzmaster - Blue Flower

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Limited Run of the Classic Offset Guitar

Don't miss your chance to add the Fender Made in Japan Traditional '60s Jazzmaster to your collection. As part of a limited run with cool psychedelic finishes, this '60s-style Jazzmaster won't be around long. And beyond its sweet looks, it's got everything a vintage fan would want — classic single-coil pickups, floating vibrato, rhythm and lead tone circuits, and a voluptuous U-shaped neck profile. Its distinctive finish may have caught your eye, but the Fender Made in Japan Traditional '60s Jazzmaster is equipped to impress any fan of Fender offset guitars.

Snappy, vivacious tone

Fender equips the Made in Japan Traditional '60s Jazzmaster with a pair of '60s-style single-coil pickups. You'll be amazed at the depth and clarity you'll hear from your amplifier. It's one of the reasons you'll hear Jazzmasters in so many instrumental hits from the '60s — the tone is rich, balanced, and defined, the perfect foundation for many different musical styles.

Offset waist for exceptional balance

While it has a huge tonal range, many players love the Fender Jazzmaster simply because it feels great to wear and play, even for hours onstage. The offset waist on the Made in Japan Traditional '60s Jazzmaster looks undeniably cool, and guitarists at Hiendguitar find that it also enhances the overall balance of the instrument. Whether you play sitting down or standing up, the Jazzmaster is one of the more comfortable guitars you'll find.

Classic Jazzmaster tone shaping

Lead and Rhythm tone circuits with individual tone controls give the Made in Japan Traditional '60s Jazzmaster incredible flexibility. It's surprising that many of the most iconic Jazzmaster players often ignored the versatile switching options, but there's a whole world of tone to discover here. Between the wide tonal range of the Made in Japan Traditional '60s Jazzmaster, your guitar amplifier, and your pedalboard, it's easy to sculpt your own unique tone.

Fender Made in Japan Traditional '60s Jazzmaster Features:

  • Classic Jazzmaster guitar with limited edition psychedelic '60s finish
  • Rich, snappy tone from dual Jazzmaster single-coil pickups
  • Floating vibrato bridge/tailpiece for gloriously smooth bends and flutters
  • U-shaped neck profile fills your hand without feeling too big
  • Dual tone circuits give you a wide tonal range suitable for virtually any music style