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Martin D35E Retro

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Vintage style and modern playability merge to create the Martin Retro series. Within the Retro series, you'll find a who's who of Martins past, with new incarnations of the legendary HD-28, D-35, D-45,D-18, 000-18, and OM-28. Each proves to be historically accurate aesthetically, but tweaked to meet today's gigging guitarist's needs.

Everything Old Is New Again!

A quick, casual glance at any member of the Retro series, and you'd think you were looking at an extremely well-preserved vintage Martin, not unlike some of the guitars that fill the Martin Guitar Museum: the tops are finished with aged toner, the appointments echo the classic stylings of 1930s- and 1940s-era Martins, and the body styles are among the most revered in all the guitar world. Even on the inside, these Martins exude vintage, boasting forward-shifted scalloped braces just like they used to.

But Martin wasn't content to simply reissue these legendary instruments, equipping the Retro series with Fishman F1 Aura for incredibly authentic onstage amplification and a reshaped neck to give players a fluid, comfortable playing experience.

Martin D-35E Retro

The Martin D-35E Retro dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar gives you the timeless style of the legendary D-35, exquisite tonewoods, and top-drawer electronics. If you've always wanted the most exquisite Martin you could get your hands on, then don't miss out on this amazing D-35E Retro. From the classic warmth and projection of solid East Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce, to the looks of the black and white binding, this is one drool-worthy axe.

The D-35E Retro is a flawless reissue of the legendary bluegrass and folk workhorse, outfitted with the choicest tonewoods. You get it all with this guitar — warm and wide-open sound and the kind of playability that makes you want to pick it up again and again.

Vintage Tones, Unplugged

When you close your eyes and imagine the sound of an acoustic guitar, chances are that you're hearing the sound of a Martin D-35 in your head. That's no coincidence. The fact is — the sound of a D-35 is the result of the perfect balance between its dreadnought body style and the classic tonewoods it's made from. The Martin D-35E Retro features a back and sides made of solid East Indian rosewood, topped with premium solid Sitka spruce. The result is that, from day one, your D-35E Retro will give you the sweet and full sound you'd expect from a well-aged D-35. Ratcheting the bar even higher, the D-35E Retro features a lusciously playable modified low oval profile/Performing Artist taper neck topped with with a buttery solid black ebony fingerboard. Acoustic guitars don't get any better than this!

Rounding out the vintage vibe is the lack of a cutaway, despite these guitars all being equipped with Fishman pickup systems for awesome onstage sound. Purists will love the look, and the neck is so comfortable, you won't mis the cutaway at all — but more on neck in a minute.

Vintage Tones, Plugged

That's a rundown of the "retro" side of the Retro Series, so lets take a look at what Martin tweaked to meet the demands of today's player. The first time you pick up a Retro Series, you'll notice the neck. It's slimmer, more comfortable, and built for incredible playability. Martin equipped these beauties with the Modified Low Oval profile with a Performing Artist neck taper, giving you a comfy feel that is equally suited for rhythm playing or higher-fret runs. Whether you're onstage or in your living room, you'll love the way you can effortlessly cruise up and down the neck. Acoustic players will find it familiar, but electric players will be right at home on it, as well.

But the neck isn't the only thing drawing from modern inspirations. The Fishman F1 Aura system is both unobtrusive and incredible. The F1 Aura Plus gives you the option of using the undersaddle pickup, a variety of modeled acoustic sounds, or a blend of both, on top of onboard EQ, feedback suppression, and compression.

Modeled, you say? It's not what you think! These models aren't conjured in a lab, they're sonic recreations of real vintage Martin guitars from the hallowed halls of the Martin Guitar Museum. A vintage version of each model was meticulously miked up using only the finest studio gear, and then reproduced inside the F1 Aura Plus system.

The Aura system defaults to "Easy Mode," which gives you the choice of three image presets and a built-in tuner (the tuner can also be used when the guitar isn't plugged in, super handy for strumming around the house!). When you enter performance mode, you have access to six more images, along with the aforementioned EQ, feedback suppression, and compression. This may seem like a lot of extras for a purist, but we put these through their paces here at Sweetwater, and believe us, they meet our excruciatingly high standards.

Martin-standard Dovetail Neck Joint

Like the originals, the Retro Series guitars come standard with the classic dovetail neck joint. Lightweight and sturdy, the dovetail joint is the go-to construction methodology for Martin guitars, as the area of direct wood-to-wood contact is increased. The thinking is that the increased contact provides better tonal transfer between the neck and body. Martin has done it like this forever, and there's no reason to fix what's not broke.

The mechanics of the standard dovetail neck joint dictate that merely fitting the neck to the body and stringing up the guitar should provide more than enough strength to hold the neck to the body. But to make sure every Retro Series Martin (or any other Martin for that matter) is built to last a lifetime, the neck joints are throroughly glued for maximum structural integrity.