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Music Man John Petrucci Jp6 Bfr Cherryburst Quilt


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Have It All

The Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci BFR 6 lets you have it all. Dream Theater's axeman is notoriously picky about guitar tone and playability, and his signature solidbody electrics are designed to his exacting specifications. This guitar's contoured, maple-topped alder body fits you like a glove while the slim, fast neck lets your fingers fly. From meaty crunch to molten lava, two DiMarzio humbuckers deliver weapons-grade tone. But shredding aside, this axe also lets you deploy sparkling cleans and even gorgeous acoustic sounds, courtesy of its custom piezo vibrato bridge. Play a Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci BFR 6, and you can have it all.

Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci BFR 6 Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • A Ball Family Reserve instrument
  • Own the tonal universe
  • Ernie Ball Music Man - the pro's choice

A Ball Family Reserve instrument

A Ball Family Reserve (BFR) instrument that celebrates Ernie Ball Music Man's heritage in guitar craftsmanship with some of the finest figured tonewoods and finishes available, the John Petrucci BFR 6 is a supreme expression of the luthier's art. It's a superbly balanced instrument, and thanks to its sculpted alder body, it's supremely comfortable and lightweight - perfect for marathon gigs and sessions. This axe gives you the ultimate in playability. John Petrucci is a guitar legend, famous for his astonishing technical prowess and systematic demolition of musical boundaries. This man knows exactly what he needs in a solidbody electric guitar, and since his first Ernie Ball Music Man signature model, he has been working with the company to refine the concept. John thinks of his talented hands as being average-sized, and this is reflected in the slim neck taper - a profile also favored by a broad swath of guitarists. Add to that a premium rosewood fingerboard and 24 high-profile, wide stainless-steel frets, and you've got a high-speed, low-drag shredding machine.

Own the tonal universe

The Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci BFR 6 makes you a master of the tonal universe. Its comfortable, contoured alder body contains a mahogany Tone Block and is topped with maple - a unique tone cocktail that gives you wonderful warmth and resonance you don't expect in a solidbody, along with prodigious sustain. Two DiMarzio humbuckers - a Liquifire (neck) and Crunch Lab (bridge) - serve up a universe of tone that takes you from chimey cleans through a wide range of delectable crunch all the way to fearsome, face-melting shred. But there's more: a custom piezo floating vibrato bridge lets you engage in vigorous whammy action with absolute tuning stability while also giving you access to a range of gorgeous, nuanced acoustic sounds. Tonally speaking, there's very little this exquisite axe can't do for you.

Ernie Ball Music Man - the pro's choice

Ernie Ball Music Man guitars and basses have been staples in the music scene since their introduction in the '70s. In fact, some of the world's best-known guitar players have their own signature Ernie Ball Music Man models. Always striving for a better instrument, Ernie Ball Music Man introduced the first production active EQ in basses and guitars, unique tuner placement, and much more. Musicians across a wide range of musical genres have played Ernie Ball Music Man guitars and basses over the years including Steve Morse, Albert Lee, Tony Levin, John Petrucci, Steve Lukather, Flea, Dave LaRue, John Myung, and countless others. Join the pros and play a world-class Ernie Ball Music Man instrument today!

Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci BFR 6 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Contoured alder body with mahogany Tone Block and premium BFR figured maple top
  • Select mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard with 15" radius
  • Custom JP shields and mother-of-pearl BFR inlay at 12th fret
  • 24 high-profile, wide stainless-steel frets; solid-steel bridge saddles
  • Custom John Petrucci Ernie Ball Music Man Piezo floating vibrato bridge made from hardened steel with black finish
  • Schaller M6-IND locking tuners in black finish with black buttons
  • Adjustable truss rod - no component or string removal required
  • 5-bolt neck attachment allows perfect alignment with no shifting
  • Sculpted neck joint allows smooth access to higher frets
  • Body cavity and aluminum control cover coated with graphite acrylic resin for superior shielding
  • 3-way toggle pickup selector with custom center-position configuration
  • 3-way toggle piezo/magnetic selector
  • 2 DiMarzio humbuckers including a Liquifire (neck) and a Crunch Lab (bridge); Piezo bridge pickup
  • Hardshell case included

Tear it up with the Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci BFR 6!