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Music Man John Petrucci Majesty Bfr Gold Sparkle Namm Limited

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Limited to 77 pieces worldwide

Sleek-looking Limited-edition JP Signature

The Music Man John Petrucci Signature Majesty Ball Family Reserve (BFR) is an immaculate example of Petrucci's design demands and Music Man's expert art and craftsmanship. You'll enjoy near-endless sustain from the mahogany neck-through construction, while the basswood wings add a balanced tone with plenty of attack. Every possible tone you need is onboard — accessed through the guitar's DiMarzio Sonic Ecstasy humbucking pickups, piezo-equipped tremolo, and onboard active boost. Petrucci already considered the Majesty to be his finest model. With the Majesty BFR, Music Man just made it even better.

Limited-edition construction

This BFR sticks close to the glory of the Majesty solidbody electric guitar while adding exotic touches that make it unlike any JP signature model before it. The eye-catching design offers you a mahogany neck-through construction with balanced-sounding basswood body wings, angled headstock for sustain, and a beautiful gloss finish. Every bit as gorgeous looking as it is playing, the Majesty BFR is, as far as John's concerned, the best Petrucci you can get. And he backs it up by hand-signing each one.

A custom JP/MM piezo floating tremolo

John Petrucci can do it all and needs a guitar that can too. Designed in conjunction with JP and Ernie Ball Music Man, the proprietary piezo floating tremolo system gives you freedom of expression you have to experience. You can rest easy knowing your tuning's stable with the Schaller locking tuners, ensuring your trem returns to perfect position every time. And who can forget the piezo system giving you amazing full-bodied acoustic tones on demand? The Majesty BFR offers more tones and control than just about any guitar we've ever seen at Hiendguitar.

Onboard 20dB gain boost and a passive coil tap

One of the defining features of all John Petrucci signature guitars is the forward-thinking and immaculate-sounding electronics. Recently JP has gone to an active preamp system in his guitars, offering you push-push control over a 20dB gain boost and over a passive coil tap when in the dual pickup position. Need to push your amp over the edge for a screaming solo? Just tap the volume control for a huge output jump! Want that single-coil sound for your clean passages? That one resides in your tone control. Nothing is holding you back from all the tones in your head.

Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty Ball Family Reserve Features:

  • A bold-looking take on JP's signature Majesty
  • Basswood body wings are a high-gain favorite for sustain and balanced tone
  • Mahogany neck-through construction gives you added sustain
  • Gloss finish looks stunning and feels slick and fast
  • DiMarzio Sonic Ecstasy pickups will get you that much closer to JP's sound
  • Built-in active preamp adding a gain boost and coil tap to your sonic arsenal
  • Custom JP piezo floating tremolo system for total control and a variety of tones
  • Schaller locking tuners to strengthen your tuning stability
  • Hand-signed by John Petrucci