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-15th Anniversary Limited Edition-


Pink Pink Pink! Pink monster! ! The ultimate guitar was born! !
The playability follows the basic specifications of 7-string Pink-chan, so you do not feel the fatigue and burden of fingers and joints unique to 7-string guitar, and there is no discomfort when switching from 6-string guitar.
In addition, the convenience of trad and modern as a convenience, the operability is simple, so you can directly connect to the sound desired by the player.
Maple is used for the fingerboard material, and I can realize not only tight and clear sound that is my sound icon, but also more comfortable overtones and response on the lead.
Looks, playability, sound, everything is dazzling and ultimate! ESP is the best!

BODY Alder
NECK Hard Maple (CT System)
FRETS JESCAR FW58118-EVO, 22frets
RADIUS Compound (240-305R)
INLAY Cat Paws & Dot (side: Luminlay SGM-46)
SCALE 648mm
NUT Brass (46mm)
CONSTRUCTION Bolt-on (Star-cut)
BRIDGE ESP FLICKER-III-7 w / ESP Custom Lab Tremolo Tone Spring TYPE-2
PICKUPS (Neck) EMG 85-7H, (Bridge) EMG 81-7H
CONTROLS Master Volume, Master Tone, Dummy, 3WAY Lever PU Selector
COLOR All Twinkle Pink

SNAPPER-7 Ohmura Custom "Pink Monster" -15th Anniversary Limited Edition-

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All Twinkle Pink "Pink Monster"

SNAPPER-7 Ohmura Cunstom, produced to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Takashi Omura's debut, was named Pink Monster for its appearance.
The fingerboard and neck are all painted in Twinkle Pink, which has become the image color, making it look good enough.


EVO (Evolution-Gold) frets made by JESCAR are adopted as frets. Unlike common nickel silver frets, it is an alloy of copper, tin, iron and titanium. Since it does not contain nickel, it can be used with peace of mind if you are allergic to nickel.
Hardness is about halfway between nickel silver and stainless steel.


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Luminlay, a phosphorescent material, is used for the side position mark. Larger size is also included, which is more visible than common ones.


Brass nut & cat foot position mark

The nut is made of highly durable brass. Brass is a copper-based alloy that is relatively soft among metals, and has excellent acoustic characteristics.

As for the position mark, the cat feet (paws) that can be seen on his own guitar are painted.


Luxurious accessories

A heavy hard case with catch lock and aluminum sash winding. The exterior is pink in image color, and the 15th anniversary logo is printed in the center. Of course, the interior is also cut in pink, so it will not move during transportation. The accessory certificate or portrait can be set on the lid of the accessory case.

[Autographed certificate] A
pink glitter certificate is attached like a guitar. Of course, the autograph is entered.

[Portrait taken down]
A portrait using a picture taken down for this product is attached.

* The certificate and portrait are images.