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Suhr Modern Satin Natural HH Floyd

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There are many reasons to love African Mahogany: it is beautiful, it sounds great, and it is lightweight. The Modern Satin was created to celebrate the sound and beauty of this tonewood. New for 2015 the Modern Satin is available in a Natural Satin finish. The thin layer of satin finish allow the neck and body to resonate freely, producing a wide variety of tones from warm articulate Jazz lines to tight aggressive Metal riffs. Modern Satin‰ۡó»s tone is always loud and clear.


Typically harvested from Central America and Africa, Mahogany is a classic tone wood commonly used to make both bodies and necks. Being fairly dense, Mahogany is a medium-to-heavy wood that is brown in color with a red or orange hue. It has a mild grain pattern that looks great with many transparent finishes. Mahogany has pleasant highs, strong mids,and balanced lows which makes it a popular choice among rock players for its thick, focused tone that cuts well in a mix.
Being one of the most popular fingerboard woods for guitars, Indian Rosewood is usually sourced from either India or Bangladesh. It has a thick grain pattern with colors ranging from brown-black, purple, to red-brown. Indian Rosewood is particularly favored by blues and rock players for it thick, sweet tone. It has an ideal balance of fat lows, warm mids and a sparkling high end presence.

Natural Modern Satin - Floyd

Natural Modern Satin - Gotoh
Each Modern Satin Pro is equipped with our Modern Elliptical neck profile. Rolled edges and a straight fingerboard radius offers an extremely comfortable shape.
The African Mahogany neck is finished in satin, which provides the smooth feel of natural wood as well as protection from moisture.
Every Modern Satin Pro includes jumbo stainless steel frets, which offer silky smooth bending and long-lasting playability. Utilizing the PLEK process on each instrument guarantees the best possible string action, ensures optimized playability, and eliminates intonation problems.

The Modern Satin Pro‰̣ۡå¢ is available in two pickup configurations: H-S-H or H-H.
The SSV is a versatile pickup that combines the warmth of a vintage humbucker with increased clarity and definition. It is wound hotter for more output, increased sustain and a sweet midrange response.
The SSH+ is a high output pickup that produces a clear cutting top-end with excellent harmonics and a focused low end.
The ML (Mike Landau) Standard single-coil pickup is overwound for more output and sustain. The ML Standard features our proprietary modified staggered pole piece design to provide an even magnetic field needed to accommodate instruments with flatter neck radius and today‰ۡó»s string gauges.

Natural Modern Satin - Floyd
The Modern Satin Pro features a transparent satin finish, which displays the natural beauty of the African Mahogany. The thin layer of satin finish also allows the neck and body to resonate freely, producing warm, lively tones that project loud and clear.

Our finishing process provides an unparalleled combination of protection, beauty, and tone. Great care is taken to ensure that the thinnest possible layers of finish are applied.

The Modern Pro is equipped with staggered locking tuners, which provide improved tuning stability and eliminate the need for a traditional string tree.

The Modern Pro is available with a Gotoh 510 or Gotoh Floyd Rose bridge option.
The Gotoh 510 tremolo bridge features dual steel knife-edge pivot points to provide greater functionality and years of trouble free performance. The 510 steel tremolo block was designed to allow the strings to contact the saddle without touching the block as it passes through, which increases sustain and tuning stability.

Guitar Model: Natural Modern Satin Pro
Body Top Wood: - None -
Body Top Wood Pieces:
Body Top Wood Thickness:
Body Wood: African Mahogany
Body Wood Pieces: 2-Piece
Body Finish: Satin

Neck Wood: African Mahogany
Neck Back Shape: Modern Elliptical .800 - .850
Fingerboard Wood: Indian Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius: 14"
Fret Size: Jumbo
Fret Material: Stainless Steel
Fingerboard Inlay Design: Face Dots
Fingerboard Inlay Material: Clay
Side Dot Material: Clay
Nut: Floyd
Nut Color: Chrome
Nut Width: 1.650"

Optional Electronics:
Input Jack: Side Jack
Input Jack Color: Chrome
Neck Pickup: SSV, Neck
Neck Pickup Color: Black
Middle Pickup: - None -
Middle Pickup Color:
Bridge Pickup: SSH Plus, Bridge
Bridge Pickup Color: Black

Pickguard Material:
Pickguard Shape:
Tuning Gears: Suhr Locking
Tuning Gears Color: Chrome
Bridge: Original Floyd Rose
Bridge Color: Chrome
Knobs: Black Speed