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Tom Anderson icon classic satin olympic white

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Feeling each and every nuance and listening intently, to every note and resonant vibration.

Every Anderson guitar, is Final-Test Played in this way—because we love them all—or we wouldn’t make ‘em. And any micro-adjustment needed is rechecked again here before it comes to you.

But what is this guitar we are looking at and how is it different than the last white-ish one we posted here awhile back?

Very different. Let’s have a look.


I can see the wood grain through the blonde paint:

Translucent Blonde

But, it is a Satin Finish

Okay, Satin Translucent Blonde

And, as I said, I can see pronounced wood grain:

Swamp Ash body

Ah, but…

3 Numbered Knobs, Top Jack, Full-sized S-body and 1 (yes that’s right) rear strap button!

Wow, this can only be an Icon—and with a Swamp Ash body and Satin Translucent Blonde finish.

Totally vintage and yet…

It rings with alacrity and bends like a monster—yes, 5 frets (or more if you can push it) on Icon, as well as all of our other models—if you are so inclined.

Icon is totally vintage—but with a clear, unrestrained purpose of total performance. No compromises whatsoever. That is SO NICE!

The Icon experience could be called: Having Your Cake and Eating It Too or should this old adage be rephrased to read: Having Your Total Vintage Guitar and Playing it Unbounded—Everywhere With No Limitations Whatsoever?