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Article: Dapatkan original Limited edition PRS...

Dapatkan original Limited edition PRS...

Dapatkan original Limited edition PRS...

Go To Post     Dapatkan original Limited edition PRS 35th anniversary Dragon tees!!!!


Size available

Semua American size.

Dapatkan banyak FREE gift!!!!!😱
PRS String winder ( Rp140.000)
PRS Patch cable 2pcs ( Rp200,000)
PRS Pick (Rp65,000)

Dapatkan segera sebelum kehabisan.

Bisa langsung di
Web kami
Apps kami

marketplace kami
Tokopedia Hiendguitarcom
Shopee hiendguitar

Hanya ONLINE. Tidak berlaku pembelian di store.

#prsguitars #paulreedsmith

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⭐PRS 509⭐<br />
Hiendguitar wood library...

⭐PRS 509⭐
Hiendguitar wood library...

Go To Post     ⭐PRS 509⭐ Hiendguitar wood library burnt maple leaf Sn#0324123 Feel the 25.25inch scale length Its a between strat & PRS. Feels sooooo good😋 Checkout the largest PRS inventor...

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The beauty of 509😘😘😘😘😘<br />

The beauty of 509😘😘😘😘😘

Go To Post     The beauty of 509😘😘😘😘😘 PRS hiendguitar spec in Blue fade with artist grade figure maple neck. And it comes w 25.25" scale length! In between PRS Cu24 & fender strat. And look ...

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