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Note semua Mayones guitar /Bass build to order. estimasi 4-5 months

Mayones instruments find their origin in the very same place music starts – the heart. Their essence stems frompassion of the talented musicians we work with and the devotion of our experienced luthiers. Our guitars and basses are the result of the perfect blend of nearly 30 years of tradition, modern technology we use and affection at every stage of the building process.

At Mayones we believe that the soul of a musical instrument comes from the quality wood it is build of. Flamed Maple, Swamp Ash, Mahogany, Amazaque or Wenge are just a few wood types we import from our long-term suppliers to ensure superb tone qualities and seductive looks. The careful selection of tone wood we've applied for almost three decades guarantees the best sound properties of every “M”-labelled guitar or bass.

Mayones instruments are truly handmade in a traditional luthier style accompanied with state-of-art technology and equipped with top class components. Every guitar and bass follow the same production routine: take the skills and the experience of our crew, implement strict quality standards at every step of production and add the elusive touch of our love to guitars. The result is always the same – a top notch instrument with soul and built-in inspiration.

We love music and we love our guitars. We share this passion with thousands of guitar enthusiasts attracted by Mayones instruments around the Globe. We share the satisfaction of our customers and the confidence of our endorsers. Feel free to browse through our website and feel a part of May-players family for this little while. If you would like to say for good – everyone's invited.




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Untuk Gitar/ Bass yang dicari jika tidak tersedia, bisa kita order ke factory. 
estimasi 9-12months untuk preorder