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Ernie Ball Music Man BFR...

Ernie Ball Music Man BFR...

Go To Post     Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Luke III - Classic Black Sparkle.

Readystock IDR42jt Nett

Built to studio legend Steve Lukather’s stringent specifications, the Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Luke III features a sleekly sculpted okoume body that fits you like a glove, while the super-stable roasted maple Luke 3 neck and fingerboard facilitate the flawless execution of high-speed technical maneuvers. This exacting level of precision makes playing less demanding parts effortless. Add a pair of custom-wound humbuckers and a custom Music Man active preamp, and you’ve got the recipe for immense tone and prodigious sustain that will ace any live gig or studio session.  the Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Luke III is a high-performance instrument that will take your playing to new heights. It’s a limited edition of just 75 instruments worldwide, so our advice is to reserve yours while you can!

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