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Article: Just in! Last one for...

Just in! Last one for...

Just in! Last one for...

Go To Post     Just in! Last one for MEV Anniversary.

IDR77Jt Nett

Specially appointed to commemorate the 2020 Experience PRS event, which was celebrated virtually in May, this limited-edition Modern Eagle V is an innovative instrument that offers highly musical tones for both recording and playing live.
The Experience PRS 2020 Modern Eagle V utilizes a hum/single/hum (five-coil) pickup configuration and introduces a new and unique switching system that gives players a vast array of tones in one guitar. The 5 way blade switch selects the pickups just as the 509 does (treble, treble and middle, middle, middle and bass, bass). The two paired mini-toggles separate the slug-side coils, turning the humbuckers into true, “TCI-tuned” single coils. There is a single volume and a push/pull tone control that activates both humbuckers when engaged; this allows players to access three pickups simultaneously. Finally, there is a third mini-toggle that changes the volume pot value from 500k to 250k, which gives the guitar a different palette of tones. This electronics design puts a whole set of classic and new tones at your fingertips

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