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Super collectable...

šŸ”„šŸ”„Last OnešŸ”„šŸ”„

Super collectable...

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Super collectable Musicman JP6
20th Anniversary Honey Butter Burst
Sn G97060

Celebrate 20 Years of John Petrucci and EBMM!

Progressive metal icon John Petrucci joined the ranks of Ernie Ball Music Man at the turn of the millennium and he hasn't looked back since. The Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 20th Anniversary Electric Guitar celebrates John's formidable legacy and contributions to music with EBMM's most decorated and divine JP6 to date. Its incredible construction starts with a trio of three sonically superior tonewoods: Honduran mahogany for the body and neck, ebony for the fingerboard, and gorgeous flame maple for the top. This combination offers an incredibly ear-pleasing sound that is made all the better by a pair of full-spectrum DiMarzio active Crunch Lab and LiquiFire humbuckers. The JP6 20th Anniversary's floating tremolo not only handles the demands of today's most expressive players, but its Fishman Powerbridge piezo saddles conjure shockingly realistic acoustic guitar tones with incredible results. Round it out with custom switching and rock-solid Schaller locking tuners, and the JP6 20th Anniversary represents a new benchmark in a long line of superior shred machines from the prolific artist and manufacturer.

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