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Article: 🔥🔥New Arrival! 🔥🔥
PRS special...

🔥🔥New Arrival! 🔥🔥<br />
PRS special...

🔥🔥New Arrival! 🔥🔥
PRS special...

Go To Post     🔥🔥New Arrival! 🔥🔥
PRS special semi hollow wood library Hiend spec in Orange Fade.

Readystock IDR68jt Nett.

The PRS Special Semi-Hollow offers players a versatile hum/ “single”/hum configuration with two PRS 85/15 humbuckers and a PRS Narrowfield middle pickup. PRS Narrowfield pickups deliver the bite of a single coil, so they cut through the mix with plenty of clarity and punch – without the hum. Paired with a 5-way blade switch and two mini-toggles that tap the 85/15 humbuckers, this guitar can handle myriad sounds and styles (with twelve pickup combinations in total). Roll back the tone control for added growl, turn it up for some shimmer, and have fun exploring this versatile tonal palette.
Additional specifications include a maple top, mahogany back, 22-fret 25” scale length mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, Phase III tuners, and PRS Gen III patented tremolo. The volume levels between the humbucking and single-coil settings remain very even, and the semi-hollow body with single f-hole provides a welcome airiness and depth to the guitar’s tone.

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Offline store kami tutup yaa.<br...

Offline store kami tutup yaa.

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PRS McCarty 594 Hollowbody II...

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