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PRS 35th anniversary custom 24...

PRS 35th anniversary custom 24...

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Readystock IDR74jt Nett.

The 35th Anniversary Custom 24 is here to celebrate 35 years of guitar making and innovation. Designed around the guitar that started it all, the Custom 24, this limited-edition model captures the foundational elements of the iconic model and adds the musical functionality of the Paul’s Guitar, creating a new, versatile platform. The 35th Anniversary Custom 24 features 85/15 treble and bass pickups that are paired with two mini-toggle switches that allow players to put either or both pickups in humbucking or true single-coil mode. The clarity and unique tones of these vintage-inspired pickups are both big and nuanced, so players can easily find their sweet spot. Join PRS in celebrating our ongoing journey with the 35th Anniversary Custom 24

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