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PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd...

PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd...

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PRS make some of the most beautiful guitars in the world, and in 2018, they've continued production of their alluring SE Custom 24 range!
The SE Custom 24 is based on its American brother, the Custom 24 which has been around since 1985. With 24 frets, a Floyd-Rose tremolo system and incredible pickups, this guitar is designed as a precision workhorse that'll get you through any gig or recording session! Designed to capture the essence of a Paul Reed Smith instrument, the SE guitars play and feel like instruments far beyond their price tag.
Hot Yet Versatile
The pickups in this guitar are based on the amazing 85/15 pickups that have recently been used in all of the American Core line models. Paul Reed Smith has said that these would have been the perfect pickups back in 1985 because they're hot enough to give you all of the gain tones you want but they clean up beautifully too. They offer crystal clean tones but without sounding harsh or spiky.
In the bridge it has high output with great articulation in the midrange. The neck pickup is a lower output level but works really well with crunch tones as well as smooth lead tones.
Built Like A Tank
Made in South Korea these guitars are built to the highest standards possible and are checked of even the smallest of faults before they even reach the Indo. This level of detail means that these guitars will keep on going for years and years even if it spends most of its life on the road. PRS are known for building guitars that feel great straight out of the box and they stay like that.

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