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PRS SE Custom 24-Floyd Rose...

PRS SE Custom 24-Floyd Rose...

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Readystock IDR10.4jt

The Paul Reed Smith SE "Floyd" Custom 24 solidbody electric guitar takes one of the most popular guitars in the PRS lineup and equips it with an ultra-expressive Floyd Rose 1000 Series vibrato tailpiece. From smooth flutters to wild dive bombs, this guitar just begs for you to crank up the gain on your amplifier. And when you factor in the wide tonal range provided by the SE HFS and Vintage humbuckers, the SE "Floyd" Custom 24 is ready to rock out in almost any musical style. This guitar is a true PRS through and through, as well as being a great value - you don't have to be a rock star or collector to enjoy the SE "Floyd" Custom 24!
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