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Suhr Ian thornley signature series...

Suhr Ian thornley signature series...

Go To Post     Suhr Ian thornley signature series classic S antique Roughneck .

Rp49jt nett.

The all-new Suhr Ian Thornley Signature Classic S “Roughneck” & “Sonic White” have all of the incredible tone and playability that you would expect to find in an instrument with Ian Thornley’s signature on the back. Both of Ian’s new signature models have a classic alder body, with a roasted maple neck with his custom “Ian Thornley V” neck shape, setting an incredible stage for Ian to build a powerhouse of an instrument. Equipped with an Aldrich Humbucker neck and bridge pickup and an ML Standard in the middle position, combined with Ian’s custom wiring gives you access to a complete range of tone, covering any genre you can imagine playing. Driving riffs, soaring leads, and clean, clear rhythms.

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