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The 10 best amps for metal 2019

The 10 best amps for metal 2019

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The Best Amps For Metal To Buy Right Now

1. PRS MT 15 Mark Tremonti

Simply one of the best hard rock and metal amps out there at this price point

Launch price: $649/£555 | Type: Lunchbox tube head | Output: 15W, switchable down to 7W | Number of channels: 2, with clean pull-boost | Tubes: 2x 6L6, 6x EC83S | Weight: 17.9 pounds

Great bang for your buck
Incredible high-gain tones
Fantastic build
Gorgeous lights are the perfect touch
Clean channel doesn't really stand out 
No reverb onboard

The MT 15 Mark Tremonti is a two-channel “lunchbox” amp powered by a pair of 6L6 output tubes and six 12AX7 preamp tubes. Similar to the PRS Archon, the MT 15 features five gain stages before the Master for full, lush distortion. And while the MT 15 was designed with heavier players—such as the Alter Bridge and Tremonti axeman himself—in mind, the amp offers a range of tones for guitarists working in a variety of styles. The Lead channel offers thick, chunky tones and features controls for Gain, Master, Treble, Middle and Bass, while the Clean Channel is bright and chimey and boasts Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass knobs, as well as a push/pull boost on the Treble knob for a bit of old-school crunch. Additional features include an effects loop and bias adjusters that are accessible from the back panel for ease of servicing, as well as a half-power switch that takes the amp from 15 to 7 watts. 

The compact MT 15 comes in an all-steel chassis with a perforated lid and black-matte finish. Additionally, when powered up, the MT 15’s valves are lit by LEDs which glow red for the Lead channel and blue for the Clean. A striking and very cool aesthetic touch.


Check it out here

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