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Tired of playing the same old gear you can get in every store? How about having a truly one-of-a-kind instrument made especially for you? Choose from a wide array of wood for the body, top, neck and the fretboard. You decide of selection of high class pickups inlays and position markers of your own design, custom colours, locking tuners, D-Tuners, Q-Parts knobs…
It’s all available in Mayones to create the one-and-only guitar – Your Guitar!


If you don’t have experience and you are not sure what combination of wood or any custom options available at our company will manifest itself of your desired sound, there is another way to get what you need! Just have to describe us your perfect sound and let us build your new Mayones. Easy, isn’t it!


Believe it – personalizing does not need to cost an arm and a leg nor take ages. Every Mayones model comes with a list of dedicated custom options, which makes the customization process fast and affordable. Simply choose your favourite model from our website and pick your desired custom options from the dedicated list. Then contact our official dealer in your country or our International Sales Team directly and enjoy your custom-built instrument, handmade according to Mayones quality standards!



The company is a family business starting from the very beginning what gives the products a very personal touch. At every stage of build the owners are into the process and almost all employees of Mayones are musicians. They exactly know how to build the best instrument.

We are Mayones – SIMPLY AUTHENTIC!

  • NEW!! DUVELL 2019 Facelift
  • NEW !! Duvell Black Limba
  • Custom order

Duvell Black Limba 6 strings

Duvell Black Limba 7 strings

Welcome to the Mayones Guitars & Basses Online Configurator.


We are aware that with all our custom options available, picking a perfect combination can be daunting. Therefore we created this tool to allow creating a preview of your dream guitar before you order it.We have made every effort to present you the most complete list of parts, colours & woods available at Mayones Custom Shop. However, if you still desire something extra, please contact your local Mayones Dealer.

Please note what you see is just a digital representation of wood and colour samples. While we can guarantee your guitar will meet highest Mayones quality standards, actual instrument will be different from pictures shown.
First of all, every piece of wood is different. Even within the same species and grades of timbres (for instance 5A Flamed Maple top) grain and texture vary from piece to piece. Additionally, a flat two-dimensional image fails to capture the inherent beauty of highly textured, deep 3D patterns of woods we use. Also, all colours & finishes vary depending on specific colour and texture of a particular piece of wood. Secondly, exotic & rare pieces of wood might simply be unavailable due to limited supply of particular species.

Lastly, please note that computer screens differ vastly in colour, hue, and temperature representation based on their specification and even, if 100% calibrated, they are not perfect. While we put a tremendous amount of effort to give you a tool that is helpful and fun, please consider the end result as only a preview, not an exact representation of a completed guitar.

Please note that this site is currently in beta – under active developement. If you are encountering any issues and / or would like to suggest some changes, please contact us