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Selamat datang di PRS EXPERIENCE2017

PRS EXPERIENCE 2017 Plaza semanggi

Jose Chaure !!!!!!!!! SAVE THE DATE !
11Mei 1siang !!!!!

The demo consists on talking about the PRS manufacturing process and quality of the products, explaining the catalog, covering different aspect of the manufacturing process, components, a mention to the "rules of tone” document that Paul wrote years ago, woods (acoustic properties of different tone woods), some guitar specs, (neck, pick-ups, finish…), etc.
I’ll also mention the signal flow, gain structure, amps, I’ll be playing some guitars with backing tracks of Rock, Pop, Blues,Jazzy/Bossa… (from Satriani to Jobim), quite many different styles.

Presenting the amps and some interesting anecdotes with Paul, factory tour, sharing some insights as a musician, etc…


Baron !!!!!!!!! SAVE THE DATE !
Opening Ceremony + Peformance 11Mei 12siang !!!!!
Guitar klinik 11Mei 7malam !!!!!

Baim Trio Feat Gugun GBS !!!!!!!!! 
SAVE THE DATE ! 11Mei 5.00pm !!!!!


Pongki Barata Feat Aldy Kanda!!!!!!!!! 
SAVE THE DATE ! 12Mei 8.30pm !!!!!


John Paul Ivan !!!!!!! 
SAVE THE DATE ! 12Mei 4pm !!!!!



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