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It’s hard to believe what has space on just one height unit! We have that E530 Tube Preamp has four channels, the Clean and Leak channels each have a Lo and Hi-Gain option. Each channel has its own tone control, the lead channel even has two midrange controls (Lo Mid, Hi Mid). The miniature power amplifier with 1.5 watts allows you to get started right away. Practice, record and play with headphones on the fly - without additional power amp. For “real” volumes, the stereo output is used. Even the recording out is done in stereo. The output level can be increased by up to 15 dB if required. The sounds are made in this rack center!

  • 4 Channels: Clean, Crunch, Soft Lead, Heavy Lead
  • All Tube Rack Preamp
  • 1 HE
  • Preamp Defeat
  • Headphone
  • 1.5 W stereo Poweramp
  • Stereo Frequency Compensated Line Out
  • Stereo Line Out (uncompensated)
  • Stereo Serial FX Loop
Sound Options
  • Bright
  • Contour
  • Gain Lo/Hi
  • Gain (each Channel)
  • 3-Band EQ (Clean/Crunch)
  • 4-Band EQ (Soft Lead/Heavy Lead)
  • Clean Volume
  • Lead Volume
  • Headphone / Guitar Cab selector Switch
  • Line Level (0dB - 15dB)
  • Z4 (Channels, Preamp Defeat, Contour)
Preamp Tubes
  • 2 x Engl ECC83 / 12AX7
Dimensions 19" 1HE
Weight 4 kg