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Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Cutlass HSS - Lime G91920


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Special “Eighties” Edition Neon BFR Cutlass HSS!

This eye-catching collectible represents the premium tone, appointments, and features only the BFR collection can bring to the solidbody electric guitar. This Special “Eighties” Edition Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Cutlass HSS blends a classic design with modern appointments for comfortable, reliable performance. Most striking are the highly figured maple neck and fingerboard, which deliver stunning looks and nuanced playability. A trio of great-sounding pickups — two custom-wound Music Man single-coils and a custom DiMarzio zebra humbucker — equips this guitar for wide musical deployment, with the added expressiveness of a Music Man Floyd Rose licensed locking vibrato. The passive electronics setup (three pickups, master volume and tone, and a 5-way blade) may seem conventional, however, this guitar is equipped with Music Man’s innovative Silent Circuit, which delivers clean, hum-free signal — including true single-coil tone — across all five switch positions. Adorned with an arresting neon finish, matching headstock, and black hardware; the Special Eighties Edition BFR Cutlass HSS won’t be around for long, so you’d better grab it while you can!

Classic-inspired design and voicing

If you’re a fan of the classic crunch that ruled the airwaves in the mid ’80s, you’re in for a treat. Plug in your Special Edition BFR Cutlass HSS, fire up your amp, and you’ll find a massive tone arsenal under your command — bookended by the chime and clarity of its mid-sixties-style single-coil pickups (in the neck and middle positions) and the high-octane output of its DiMarzio Axis zebra humbucker. The BFR Cutlass HSS delivers the timeless tones heard on countless records and stages across the world, from blues and rock to metal and fusion to country and pop — and beyond. For pitch modulation, you’re loaded for bear with a Music Man Floyd Rose licensed locking vibrato, so you can dive-bomb with all night and always come back perfectly in tune.

Silent Circuit for hum-free performance

The Cutlass is may loaded with two single-coil pickups along with its humbucker, but thanks to the installed active wide-spectrum Silent Circuit, you’ll enjoy hum- and buzz-free performance for up to 500 hours on a single battery. Music Man’s patented Silent Circuit provides a transparent, buffered output for tonal consistency at all volume levels and across all five pickup selector positions. And like all active buffered circuits, the Silent Circuit also lets you drive a robust signal through longer cable runs, so you can perform hassle-free under any stage conditions. Music Man has created a groundbreaking way to combat noise while delivering true single-coil tone, and Sweetwater is proud to offer it to you.

Flawless playability

The Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Cutlass feels like an old friend but offers new features for modern players. The body shape will make you feel instantly at home — as will its 25.5-inch scale length and perfect balance — but take it from Sweetwater’s guitar gurus: the genius is in the details. With the Cutlass, playability is key. To help you reach your full playing potential, this guitar has an exceptional neck made from figured maple and topped with a matching maple fingerboard. It has Music Man’s patented, hand-applied gunstock oil and wax-blend finish that feels sleek and plays fast. Add in custom active electronics and you’ve got yourself a smokin’ hot rod of a guitar — one you’ll find it hard to put down!

Part of the Ball Family Reserve (BFR) collection

When Ernie Ball Music Man designates one of their instruments as BFR (Ball Family Reserve), you know you’re getting top-quality craftsmanship and materials. This Special Edition BFR Cutlass HSS is a perfect example. It boasts premium tonewoods — warmly resonant basswood for the body, gorgeously figured select maple for the neck and fingerboard — and top-drawer components that perform as professionally as you do, gig after gig, and year after year. The genius is in the details — such as Music Man’s 5-bolt neck attachment, which delivers stability and sustain that easily surpass that of most set necks, while also providing effortless access to the highest frets. With its unique features, superb playability, versatile tone, and awesome visuals, the Special Eighties Edition BFR Cutlass HSS deserves a special place in your guitar collection!

Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Cutlass HSS Features:

  • Resonant basswood body, high-gloss polyester finish
  • 5-ply black/cream/black/cream/black pickguard
  • Select figured maple neck and fingerboard
  • Hand-rubbed gunstock oil and special wax blend neck finish
  • 22 high-profile, medium-width, stainless steel frets
  • Custom-wound Music Man single-coil neck and middle pickups
  • Bridge pickup: DiMarzio Axis zebra humbucker
  • Master Volume and Tone controls; 5-way selector
  • Silent Circuit for hum-free performance and true single-coil tone
  • Music Man Floyd Rose licensed locking vibrato bridge with fine tuners
  • 1.625-inch synthetic bone nut
  • Schaller M6LA tuners
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Hardshell case included