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Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Silhouette HSH Trem - Silver Flake Sparkle G98944


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The Silhouette Achieves BFR Status!

This incomparable Ball Family Reserve (BFR)-edition Silhouette marks the grand entrance of the first Ernie Ball Music Man solidbody electric guitar production model into the hallowed BFR lineup. Boasting the finest craftsmanship, tonewoods, and electronics available, the BFR Silhouette HSH Trem is finished in a gleaming Silver Flake Sparkle finish with matching headstock for one-of-a-kind looks and collectibility. Upgraded appointments include a figured roasted maple neck and ebony fingerboard with cream dot inlays that retain the original look and vibe of the original Silhouette. Equipped with a trio of powerful DiMarzio pickups, this instrument can deliver virtually any humbucking or single-coil tone you can dream up. Handcrafted by the elite luthiers at Ernie Ball Music Man, the BFR Silhouette HSH Trem is is a very limited edition of only 75 guitars worldwide, so you’d better reserve yours now!

Ball Family Reserve (BFR) style, class, and quality

When Ernie Ball Music Man designates one of their instruments as Ball Family Reserve, you better believe it means top-quality craftsmanship and materials. The BFR Silhouette HSH Trem is a perfect example of this. You’ll notice the BFR Silhouette HSH Trem plays like a dream, because the figured roasted maple neck is finished with gunstock oil and a hand-rubbed wax blend. The special roasting process removes moisture from the wood, strengthening it while reducing weight and making the neck more impervious to changes in temperature and humidity. You’ll appreciate this as the seasons roll around or if you gig far and wide! And gig after gig you’ll have reliable, top-notch performance thanks to premium components and construction.

Silent Circuit electronics deliver world-class tone

Grab the Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Silhouette HSH Trem, and you’ll never have to go digging for amazing tone again. From high-flying solos to chunky rhythms, a set of custom DiMarzio pickups lets you quickly dial in the perfect tone every time. The HSH pickup configuration delivers amazing series, parallel, and single-coil tones. we really like about this BFR limited edition is its H/S/H set of custom DiMarzio pickups, which not only sound great, but they play extremely well with one another. Using the 5-way blade selector, you’ll get parallel and series humbucking tones plus a pure single-coil middle pickup setting. You’ll never have hum, though, because, upon closer inspection, you’ll find that that “single-coil” pickup in the middle position is actually a single-coil-sized dual-blade humbucker. So, no matter what texture you’re going for, this Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Silhouette HSH Trem delivers — hum free.

It’s easy to keep your Ernie Ball Music Man guitar in top playing condition

Ernie Ball Music Man guitars like the BFR Silhouette HSH Trem sport their innovative truss rod adjustment wheel, which makes it easy to fine-tune the neck. Just take anything small like an Allen wrench, nail, small screwdriver, etc., and poke it into the truss rod adjustment wheel. Turn the wheel a bit at a time until your neck feels just right, and your BFR Silhouette HSH Trem will be ready to rock. You won’t have to do it often, but this innovative feature just goes to show you that Ernie Ball Music Man instruments are made for hard-working and hard-playing musicians that demand reliably exceptional performance.

Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Silhouette HSH Trem Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Ernie Ball Music Man’s first production axe achieves BFR status
  • Lightweight alder body and headstock finished in eye-popping Silver Flake Sparkle finish
  • Upgraded appointments include a figured roasted maple neck and ebony fingerboard with cream dot inlays
  • Neck and fingerboard finished in a hand-rubbed gunstock oil and wax blend for an amazingly smooth feel
  • 5 bolt, sculpted neck join for unrestricted upper-fret access
  • Bridge pickup: Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucking
  • Middle pickup: DiMarzio Chopper humbucking
  • Neck pickup: DiMarzio Super II humbucking
  • 5-way lever pickup selector; master Volume and Tone controls
  • Music Man vintage 2-point vibrato bridge made of chrome-plated, hardened steel with bent steel saddles
  • Schaller M6-IND locking tuners, chrome buttons
  • Mirror pickguard, silver pickup bobbin covers
  • Limited Edition of only 75 guitars worldwide
  • Handcrafted by EBMM’s elite luthiers
  • Hardshell case included